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    The Ten Laws Of Tennis Success

    Focus & Win

    by Coach Kyril
    • The Ability To Know What Your Opponent Is Going To Do - Before They Do It!
    • Powerful Ground Strokes!
    • Quicker Reaction Time!
    • The Ability To Hit Topspin Or Slice At Will!
    • Made Miss-Hits And Shanks A Thing Of The Past!
    • The Ability To Cover The Court Like Never Before!
    • The Win Over That One Player You Were Never Able To Beat!
    • The Respect And Admiration Of Your Fellow Players!
    • The Power of Focus, and how to use it to get the results you're after on the court. 
    • Why You're 'Beating Yourself' on the tennis court - and how to stop it!
    • A Simple Question you can easily answer that will tell you what to expect from yourself in your next match.
    • A Simple Formula that you can use over and over to determine where your game is breaking down - and what to do about it!
    • How Desire And Expectation will have you beat before a match starts - unless you know how to use them!
    • How Embracing Uncertainty can make - or break -  your entire game!
    • Simple Exercises that will help you discover - and unlock - your hidden potential!


    Tennis Strategy Encyclopedia

    Mental Manual for Tennis Winners

    by Tomaz Mencinger
    "Start winning matches against players you've never beaten before"

    "Tomaz clearly brings the wisdom of top coaches to the masses. His Tennis Strategy Encyclopedia will have you re-tooling your game for peak performance the day you read it. No question that he details proven approaches to the game that will work for you."

    Kevin G. McClure, USPTA P1
    Host, The Tennis Podcast
    Director of Tennis, Sport Fit Bowie


    Insider Tennis Strategies

    by Dr. Glenn Sheiner
    "A must read for anyone who wants to play competitive singles."

    Brent Abel,
    former Tennis Director and Head Professional of the California Tennis Club




    Perfect Tennis

    by Ron Waite
    "So, what will you learn?

    You will learn to play as perfectly as you possibly can at any given time. You will learn to mentally train as effectively as you may be working with respect to your stroke techniques. You will learn to literally love the game of tennis, again. All of these are the goals of the Perfect Tennis process.

    Hopefully, the reader of Perfect Tennis will find its information presented in a manner that is clear, simple, useful, and most importantly, doable!!!"  

    Ron Waite
    Ron Waite is a certified USPTA tennis instructor who took up the game of tennis at the age of 39. Frustrated with conventional tennis methods of instruction and the confusing data available on how to learn the game, Ron has sought to sift fact from fiction.

    Ron Waite's Supplemental Article to his E-Book Perfect Tennis




    TENNIS: Play the Mental Game

    by David Ranney
    "What is the difference between Tennis Champions and mere tennis players? It is not the power of the serve, nor the grace of their footwork, nor the strength of their backhand... It is the POWER OF THEIR MIND!"  
    "When we play badly, we have been taught from an early age to try harder, work harder, and/or take more lessons, etc. But maybe you need to explore a different way of playing. One that is proven to work every time. One that is just not understood and/or taught by most coaches. When you use the "Core Principles" of the mental game, the sky is the limit and you will be surprised at how well you will be able to play. "
    David Ranney

    Ron Waite's Supplemental Article to his E-Book Perfect Tennis



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